Residents Meeting & AGM

Dear Residents,

As you are aware, directors had planned to hold the Residents Management Company Annual General Meeting towards the end of June or in early July. We very much wanted to ensure the AGM could be a physical ‘face to face’ meeting however with the delay to the easing of COVID restrictions, this will not be possible.

Following discussion with Remus, we have decided to postpone the AGM until September (provisional date Tuesday 14th September) to ensure that we can hold the promised physical meeting. This will avoid the holiday period and provide the best chance for as many members to attend as possible.

We will however hold an informal virtual meeting for all residents during July (proposed date Tuesday 13th at 6pm) so that directors can provide key updates and residents can raise any questions or concerns.

As we have noted previously, we do not have to wait until the AGM for members to join as directors and as such if you would like to get involved, do come forward and express your interest.

CCMC Ltd Directors

Highways Remedial Works (Weeds)

Directors/Remus have received a number of queries in relation to the poor state of roads due to excessive weed growth, both in blocked paved areas and at kerb edges. Whilst we could have paid Olly to undertake work to remove all of the weeds, it is a Bellway responsibility and there is a risk that we would not have been able to recover the costs incurred.

The good news is that work on removing all of the weeds has now started and will continue for the next week across the entire Bellway development. You may well see two men scraping weeds from the kerbside edges today around Aqua Verde and they will begin on Eagle Rise next week.

It would be appreciated if you could utilise your driveway space as much as possible whilst the work is ongoing to ensure there is clear access to all areas.

Parking Management: Visitor Bays

Following approval of the Parking Management resolution at the EGM on 25th May, there are a number of actions that need to be progressed to ensure the regulations are adhered to.

The first will be to mark the five visitor bays (CCMC owned land) in the image below and we will confirm the date in due course:

By way of a reminder, resident visitor parking is allowed for 4 hours with no return for 12 hours in these bays.

There have been a number of resident owned vehicles (including commercial vehicles) left for long periods in the visitor bays and this is no longer permitted in line with the approved regulations.

We will additionally arrange for signage to be installed which makes clear the rules for parking in the visitor bays and we will not initially use a third party enforcement agency as we hope that residents will respect the agreed way forward.

If it becomes clear that vehicles, resident or otherwise, are being left in the visitor bays for extended periods (including commercial vehicles), we will progress with formalised parking enforcement.

CCMC Ltd Directors

EGM: Resolutions Outcome

Dear Residents,

Following the EGM held on Tuesday 25th May, the results of the voting on the four resolutions presented are as follows:

Ordinary Resolution Proposal (Parking Management)
Approval of the proposed parking regulations as outlined in the resolution briefing statement:

Votes For: 26
Votes Against: 21

Ordinary Resolution Proposal (Service Charge Budget)
Approval of the proposed CCMC Ltd 2021/22 Service Charge Budget as outlined in the resolution briefing statement:

Votes For: 35
Votes Against: 7

Ordinary Resolution Proposal (Managing Agent)
Approval to continue working with Remus, acting as Managing Agent, as outlined in the resolution briefing statement:

Votes For: 33
Votes Against: 9

Ordinary Resolution Proposal (Grounds Maintenance Contractor)
Approval to award a new one-year grounds maintenance contract to Clifford’s Group as outlined in the resolution briefing statement:

Votes For: 40
Votes Against: 4

For the avoidance of doubt, all four resolutions have duly been approved by members and Remus will work with directors to progress any actions required as a result.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for those that attended the EGM thank you for contributing to the decisions that needed to be made. The minutes of the meeting can be found HERE and all members will receive confirmation of the above together with the minutes by post in due course.

CCMC Ltd Directors

EGM Q&A: Update

The deadline for submitting questions has now passed and the website has been updated with answers to all those received. No further answers will be posted. Please use the links below to review the answers to questions submitted in relation to EGM agenda items 3-6:

Parking Management
Service Charge Budget
Managing Agent
Grounds Maintenance

We look forward to seeing you at the EGM on Tuesday so please register here if you are planning to attend and don’t forget to submit your voting form in time!

EGM: Parking Management

To All Residents/Neighbours,

Further to recent posts on social media, we feel it is necessary to clarify again the proposed regulation in regard to Parking and some historical information.

Parking and the introduction of Permits was mentioned at the Residents Meeting on the 2nd December 2020 following representation from residents about poor parking in areas of the development. We have also been asked to ensure covenants are enforced, specifically in relation to parking and commercial vehicles.

Feedback received from residents following notification of the Parking Permit implementation in February was taken on board, a decision not to proceed was taken and the regulation was subsequently revised. In an ideal world we should have engaged more prior to the original proposal but being limited in number (and the role of a CCMC Director being a voluntary and unpaid one), we do not have the capacity to devote more time outside of our normal working commitments.

The recommended regulation should have zero impact to residents unless you choose to park inconsiderately or against the Highway Code.

There is no restriction on parking resident owned private vehicles at any time, nor for their visitors, other than as detailed in Paragraph 5 of the recommendation.

Please note that in line with earlier correspondence, the deadline for advance questions was midday today (20th May) and as such any submissions received after this time may not be answered. All questions received prior to the deadline will be responded to and posted on the website as described in our update of 7th May.

Please also ensure your vote reaches Remus before the 48hour cut off. Any votes received by Remus after the specified cut off will not be counted and members will not be able to vote for the first time at the meeting. Members will however be entitled to change a vote already submitted whilst at the meeting following presentation of the resolution papers.

Lastly if you are a member please do register to join the EGM and also consider becoming a CCMC Director as we would welcome the additional help.

Thank you.

CCMC Ltd Directors

Bellway/Highways Remedial Works

We have received information from Bellway in relation to remedial works required to the road areas that will eventually be adopted by Essex Highways. The timelines are as follows:

  1. RDR: Work commenced on the 10th May 2021 with planned completion by Friday 21st May 2021;
  2. Aqua Verde: Work to commence Monday 17th May 2021 through to Friday 28th May 2021;
  3. Eagle Rise: Work to commence Tuesday 1st June 2021 completing on Saturday 12th June 2021.

Bellway will be using the nursery site as their compound area throughout the above periods.


Please find below links to pages which contain answers to questions submitted in relation to EGM agenda items 3-6:

Parking Management
Service Charge Budget
Managing Agent
Grounds Maintenance

Please note that where a question has already been raised, a separate answer will not be posted so do check the pages above to see if your question has already been answered.

Questions will be addressed faster if submitted via

It has been brought to the attention of both directors and Remus that personal details of residents are potentially being shared. For clarification, every member of the management company has to be listed on the register of members. A member is entitled to submit a formal application under Section 116 of the Companies Act 2006 to request the list of registered members and Remus, acting as Company Secretary, will provide this information accordingly.

The information that Remus are required to supply would include the members name, associated property address and a note that the individual is a member of the management company.

The information must not under any circumstances be passed on by a member to a third party, even if it may be to another member. All requests must be logged by Remus and as such individuals must submit their own request if they wish to review the list of registered members.

EGM: Statement from Directors

It has been noted that a resident has published false and inflammatory information on Facebook questioning, amongst other things, the legality of the scheduled EGM. This has been discussed with Remus and the matter is now being addressed by our legal team.

Please be assured that the proposed meeting is lawful and is being held to ensure that resident members can be party to key decisions that will impact everyone living on Phase 1/2 of Channels.

For the avoidance of doubt, directors would have been able to make decisions on each of the proposed agenda items without the need for any form of member voting. However in recognition of feedback received earlier in the year, it was felt that the items were of sufficient importance to involve members, including those that require decision in advance of the new Service Charge Year, hence the need for holding an EGM.

Remus will of course have ‘involvement’ in counting votes, under their duties as managing agent and, more importantly, company secretary. As company secretary Remus do not have any voting rights and they will be happy to provide an audit trail to any members who wish to see evidence that voting has been properly managed.

We urge you to attend the meeting and if you do have questions about the recommended courses of action, please submit them via the methods previously outlined. If themes emerge, we will endeavour to provide answers prior to the meeting. Neither directors or Remus will respond to discussion threads via social media.

EGM Papers

Dear Eagle Rise & Aqua Verde Residents,

The papers for the EGM scheduled for Tuesday 25th May 2021 at 6pm are now available for viewing and/or download from the Meeting Papers page of the CCMC Website. They have additionally been posted to all members.

Please read the meeting papers fully in the first instance however if you do wish to submit a question, please ensure that it is posted via the appropriate form no later than midday on Thursday 20th May.

Members are asked to join the meeting promptly to ensure that the attendee list can be validated. Company business, as detailed in the formal Notice, will begin at 6.15pm after which no further members will be permitted to join unless they are already in the waiting room.

To assist with administration, it would be appreciated if members wishing to attend could pre-register via the following form:

CCMC Ltd Directors