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From time to time RMC Directors will make available key information to residents via this website. It is important to note that any matters that pertain to individuals or specific properties will always be dealt with directly. Information posted via this website will generally be of interest to all.

2020.07.20 Notification of RMC Director Appointments
2020.07.10 RMC Residents Meeting Notification
2020.01.09 CCMC Ltd Annual General Meeting: Directors Report
2019.08.30 Information re: Site-wide Service Charges

Estates Report: July 2018
During the spring of 2018, and as the number of occupied properties across the development rapidly increased, ‘Bellway at Channels’ residents voiced concerns in relation to fees payable to a property management agent for the upkeep of the estate. Residents did not believe that the quality of service being delivered was commensurate with the level of fees being charged and the primary area of concern was the poor state of landscaping.

As a result a comprehensive report was produced by the newly formed Community Group and submitted on 15th July 2018 to the Divisional Managing Director of Bellway, Richard Burrows. This gives a number of examples evidencing the poor state of the development at that time and will give an indication of the significant work that has been needed to bring everything up to the requisite standard.

All remedial work was undertaken at no cost to residents however it was the first warning sign that the budget set as part of the on-going service charge was not sufficient to adequately maintain the land that would later be taken over by the Residents Management Company.

Please note that although issues with highways were included within the report, the RMC has no responsibility for this area and costs associated with highways do not form part of the annual service charge.

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