Service Charge Payments

For freehold owners, don’t forget that the due date for payment of your half year Service Charge demand for the period 1st January 2022-30th June 2022 is Saturday 1st January.

The easiest way to make payment is via the Remus Website at:

Just fill in the form with your account reference number and balance as found on the demand sent out in November and you will be presented with various payment options to facilitate the transaction.

Some residents may have small credits on their account as a result of an error from the days of POD Management so do check the amount you have to pay to clear your account as it could be less than the headline half year charge.

It is important that Service Charge demands are paid without undue delay as this income is used to pay contractors, which in turn ensures directors can deliver the legal obligations of the RMC. This was flagged as a key risk to effective cash management and the ability to comply with obligations as set out in the RMC Articles of Association at the AGM held on 6th September.

If you have any queries about your payment or account balance, you can use the form on the website to contact Remus.

Thanks 🙂

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