CCMC Ltd Annual Meeting

Directors of your Residents Management Company, Channels (Chelmsford) Management Company Ltd, will be holding an Annual General Meeting on Thursday 26th January 2023 at 6.00pm at Channels Brasserie (Barn), Pratts Farm Lane East, CM3 3PT.

This will not be a ‘town hall’ style session. It is a management company members only general meeting and a formal notice with papers should have been received via the post accordingly.

The notice/proxy form, agenda and proposal for election of directors form can be viewed/downloaded here:

Please ensure that returns for the meeting (specifically if you wish to stand as a director or appoint a proxy) are delivered to Remus no later than midnight on Thursday 19th January 2023.

You do not need to inform Remus of your intention to attend the AGM. The venue is large enough to accommodate all those that wish to participate however you will need to respond as outlined above if you want to appoint a proxy or stand to be a director.

If you wish to stand as a director it is important to understand that as an officer of a limited company, you must:

Directors are able to hire other people to manage some of these things day-to-day (for example, Remus or an accountant) however it is the directors that remain legally responsible for the company’s records, accounts and performance.

To ensure there is sensible and practical governance in relation to the running of the RMC, the following will be proposed at the AGM:

  • To limit the number of directors to 7;
  • To use dedicated sub committees where necessary;
  • To assign each director specific roles;

A member must be up to date with their service charge payments to stand as director and regular attendance at board meetings is mandatory.

Directors look forward to seeing members on Thursday 26th January 2023 at the Annual General Meeting.

2022-23 Service Charge (Jan-Jun 2023)

Dear Eagle Rise & Aqua Verde Residents,

The second half year Service Charge Notices (January-June 2023) have been sent by Remus in recent days to your preferred correspondence address which will either be by post or e-mail.

If your correspondence preference is e-mail, please check your junk/spam folders and if you do not believe you have received the notice, please contact Remus accordingly.

The summary schedule of costs for the period 1st July 2022 to 30th June 2023 can be viewed and/or downloaded below and the second half year charge represents 50% of the figures outlined:

2022/23 Service Charge Schedule
2022/23 Site-Wide Estate Charge

Further explanatory notes can be found HERE.

The easiest way to make payment is via the Remus Website at:

Just fill in the form with your account reference number and balance as found on the demand and you will be presented with various payment options to facilitate the transaction.

The payment is due on or before 1st January 2023 and late payment fees will be added for accounts not settled by this date as non-payment creates significant cash flow issues.

If you have any queries about your payment or account balance, you can use the form on the website to contact Remus.

CCMC Ltd Directors

Residents Meeting 21st January

The residents meeting scheduled for 7pm on Friday 21st January will now be an online session and will take place via Zoom.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 843 1076 6354
Passcode: 083821

This will be a more informal ‘town hall’ style session and not a formal General Meeting of the management company and as such all Bellway residents are welcome to attend. It is a chance for a general chat, for directors to communicate any key updates and for residents to raise any questions. Remus will be hosting the meeting for us and will also be available to answer questions.

The directors look forward to catching up with as many residents as possible on Friday. 🙂

Service Charge Payments

For freehold owners, don’t forget that the final date for payment of your half year Service Charge demand for the period 1st July 2021-31st December 2021 is Friday 16th July.

The easiest way to make payment is via the Remus Website at:

Just fill in the form with your account reference number and balance as found on the demand sent out in June and you will be presented with various payment options to facilitate the transaction.

Thanks 🙂

EGM: Parking Management

To All Residents/Neighbours,

Further to recent posts on social media, we feel it is necessary to clarify again the proposed regulation in regard to Parking and some historical information.

Parking and the introduction of Permits was mentioned at the Residents Meeting on the 2nd December 2020 following representation from residents about poor parking in areas of the development. We have also been asked to ensure covenants are enforced, specifically in relation to parking and commercial vehicles.

Feedback received from residents following notification of the Parking Permit implementation in February was taken on board, a decision not to proceed was taken and the regulation was subsequently revised. In an ideal world we should have engaged more prior to the original proposal but being limited in number (and the role of a CCMC Director being a voluntary and unpaid one), we do not have the capacity to devote more time outside of our normal working commitments.

The recommended regulation should have zero impact to residents unless you choose to park inconsiderately or against the Highway Code.

There is no restriction on parking resident owned private vehicles at any time, nor for their visitors, other than as detailed in Paragraph 5 of the recommendation.

Please note that in line with earlier correspondence, the deadline for advance questions was midday today (20th May) and as such any submissions received after this time may not be answered. All questions received prior to the deadline will be responded to and posted on the website as described in our update of 7th May.

Please also ensure your vote reaches Remus before the 48hour cut off. Any votes received by Remus after the specified cut off will not be counted and members will not be able to vote for the first time at the meeting. Members will however be entitled to change a vote already submitted whilst at the meeting following presentation of the resolution papers.

Lastly if you are a member please do register to join the EGM and also consider becoming a CCMC Director as we would welcome the additional help.

Thank you.

CCMC Ltd Directors

Parking Update

As advised in January, we have engaged a Parking Management Company to help improve the parking across the development. We have worked closely with both the Parking Management Company & Remus to ensure that the policy is fair to all and addresses the issues that have been raised.

The timeline for implementation will be as follows:

Week Commencing 1st March 2021
The Parking Management Policy & covering letter will be sent to owners/occupiers by Remus and added to the CCMC website.

Week Commencing 8th March 2021
The Parking Management Company (PCM Ltd) will install signage and undertake a manual letter drop of their literature. This will include installation of a section of double yellow lining around the bend at the top of Fairway Drive which has been approved by Highways.

Week Commencing 15th March 2021
Residents Meeting to take place so that any outstanding queries in relation to the Parking Management Scheme can be addressed. A formal Notice of the meeting date will be posted imminently.

Week Commencing 29th March 2021
Parking Management Scheme to begin.

The above timeline is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances however at present it represents the agreed plan for implementation. We thank you again in advance for your cooperation and hope you see this as a positive step to improve the safety of residents and visitors.

Grounds Maintenance Contract

The Grounds Maintenance contract with Channels Estates was due to expire at the end of February however given the recent change of managing agent, directors have agreed that the contract should be extended by four months to 30th June 2021.

Extending the term ties in with the Service Charge Year End, it will be clear by then if the initial contract with Remus has been successful and it gives time for directors to fully consider how to move forward including putting the service out to full tender to demonstrate best value. The contract extension was discussed with Remus who have advised it would be a sensible course of action.

Directors recognise the risk of not knowing the cost of a potential future contract prior to the 2021/22 budget being set however the risk is considered small as there is no expectation that the cost should exceed the current budgeted sum.

Channels Estates has accepted the contract extension on the same price terms however we will work with Remus to review the agreement in place to ensure any issues can be managed effectively over the coming months.

Andrew Wright
For and on behalf of CCMC Ltd Directors

New Managing Agent

Remus officially started as our new managing agent from 1st January. Welcome letters were sent out week commencing 21st December and please do make every effort to return the information requested so that Remus has the most up to date contact details for you.

The best way to contact Remus is outlined here to ensure that directors are copied in to all issues and can follow up if required.

Happy New Year!

Logging Queries & Issues

To assist with the handover from POD Management to Remus, and to ensure that directors are fully sighted on everything, residents are strongly encouraged to use the CCMC website as the primary method for logging queries, concerns or issues from 1st January 2021.

By logging issues via the CCMC website, information will be sent automatically to the appropriate stakeholder for action and copied to directors for information. This will provide directors with an audit trail to ensure that issues are being followed up and dealt with appropriately.

There are four categories under which queries, concerns or issues can be logged and there is a simple form to complete which will be submitted to the appropriate stakeholder for action:

In most cases it will the responsibility of the managing agent to deal with and close down issues however directors may additionally contact residents directly to confirm that issues have been resolved and that no further action is necessary.

Links to each of the forms can be found on the Estate Issues page:

Residents can of course contact the managing agent directly however directors will not have an automatic record of issues logged in this way so unless there is an urgent concern, the recommended course of action is submission via this website.

Andrew Wright
For and on behalf of CCMC Ltd Directors