Highways Update

Remedial Works
We were advised by Bellway in the summer that all highways related remedial works were to be finished by the end of September. It would seem that there is still much work to do. There are two safety bollards on pedestrian access ways that have been missing for many months, weeds are growing everywhere again and there are still sunken manhole covers and other issues that have not yet been addressed.

We chased Bellway who have advised that the contractor has unfortunately been pulled onto another project. As such works are planned to commence again from Monday 18th October for circa 2 weeks after which Bellway will arrange for a further Highways inspection to get the roads on the mandatory 12 month maintenance period.

Street Lamps
As reported a couple of weeks back, there were 7 lamp columns across both phases which required remedial work due to being damaged, an incorrect column or where the mounting height was incorrect. Bellway have advised that the lighting work has been completed and all lights should now be working. If you believe that any lamps are not working, please report HERE.

Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)
Earlier in the year there was a public consultation which included proposals for a 20mph speed limit across all of Channels, traffic calming measures and extension of double yellow lines around the bus route.

There were a small number of objections to the extended double yellow lines (mainly from residents on Albatross Way which runs between Croudace & Pompadour) however the need for extended double yellow lines is clear as the roads are often blocked around the bus route, an example of which is shown in the picture below along Brassie Wood:

County Councillor Mike Steel provided an update at the Little Waltham Parish Council meeting held on 5th October. Due to the negative feedback received via the public consultation, a compromise approach was discussed with Highways with the aim of keeping traffic flowing, even with buses stopping, whilst still allowing residents to park outside their houses. Our understanding is that the compromise solution tends to have restrictions just on one side of the road and at junctions.

If there are no further queries following the new proposal going to Cabinet (elected members), it is this version that will be taken forward in the form of a new TRO. We have not seen the revised proposal.

We are also aware that Bellway are continuing to discuss revised traffic calming and safety measures with Highways and as these formed part of the original TRO, it is not clear whether this will lead to a further delay. It is therefore unlikely that changes will be introduced any earlier than the end of this calendar year.

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