April Updates

Highways Update

Bellway have confirmed that the speed cushions installed a couple of months ago were done so in line with Highways requirements i.e. style & location.  Whilst white arrows used to be painted onto these kind of speed cushions, these are apparently no longer used. Ultimately, Bellway have followed the instruction of Highways who will be adopting the roads later this year.

Final handover of the roads to Highways is now expected during the summer subject to some further work in relation to Land Registration and Drainage Vesting being completed. Bellway have confirmed that they will undertake a further ‘de-weeding’ of roads and paths before final adoption.


A reminder that all residents are bound by the Parking Regulation that was agreed via EGM in May 2021. This specifically requires no parking on raised pavements, no blocking of accessways, no parking on any soft verge and no commercial vehicles other than on private driveways. The details of the regulation can be found HERE.

Litter Bins

It is important that the black litter bins that are situated across the development are not used for normal household waste or recycling. We are again finding large amounts of household  waste in bins and indeed we have video evidence of someone transporting a large bag full of such waste and filling up the bin next to the bus stop on Brassie Wood (as well as leaving items next to it). This is technically fly-tipping.

If costs increase as a result of bins being damaged or because more collections are required to prevent the bins from over-flowing, everyone will ultimately bear that cost.

Dog Fouling

There appears to be an increase of dog fouling across the development. Yesterday a male in a grey hoody was observed taking his dog onto the Nursery area ground specifically to let his dog foul and there have been many other instances of people walking along our grass verges and allowing their dogs to do the same.

Dog owners have a legal duty to clean up every time their dog messes in a public place. The law states that being unaware a dog has fouled or not having a suitable bag is not a reasonable excuse. There are plenty of dog-waste bins across the development so there is no excuse to leave it.

We have to accept that we have a lot of ‘through traffic’ across our area however if you witness dog fouling, please report it to Chelmsford City Council either by ringing 01245 606606 and asking for ‘Dog Wardens’ or by reporting it online.

Electric Car Charging Survey

Over the last few months, and at both our EGM & AGM, the question of installing communal electric car charging points has been raised.

Initial scoping indicates that it would cost circa £6k for the installation of two charging points at the visitor bay location. Ongoing charges would comprise a monthly standing amount (£5 per registered user) plus actual electricity usage (billable to registered users based on their individual usage). There would also be an annual charge of £450 for the scheme to cover ongoing testing, certification, system updates and breakdowns.

Unfortunately this would be classed as a commercial project and as such it would not attract any government grant to reduce the cost and the capital sum would potentially represent a charge to the entire community initially of circa £20 per property. There could be a number of different models scoped to share the ongoing fixed costs of the scheme however this will be explored further dependent on the level of overall interest.

It should be noted that having only two charging points would not necessarily deliver sufficient capacity and would not potentially give equitable access to all residents (and visitors) that wanted to use them.

Another possible option is to explore discounted bulk buying of private residential charging points for installation on owners properties (payable by owners directly) if there is sufficient interest. We are lucky in that the vast majority of residents have driveway space so that cars can safely be charged off of the roadway.

We would therefore be interested to know the views of the wider community and would be grateful if you could complete the simple survey (5 questions) via the link below:


This is just an initial scoping exercise, the questions in the survey are not mutually exclusive however they will give us an idea as to general feeling around next steps.


CCMC Directors

Residents Meeting Update

Dear Residents,

Following the recent feedback on social media in response to the proposed (but now cancelled) implementation of a parking permit scheme, the Directors of CCMC Ltd have continued to receive numerous questions and comments, despite already confirming the scheme is no longer going ahead. We would like to thank you for your patience whilst we have digested and carefully considered all feedback received, and apologise if you might have liked to have heard from us sooner.

The vast majority of communications have been welcomed, as they helped to provide a better picture of residents’ concerns, such that these may be considered in any future proposals however regrettably there has also been a disappointingly aggressive minority that have been factually incorrect in their statements and made uncalled for accusations as to impropriety on the Directors’ part.

As a result, and following professional advice received, the Directors have regrettably made the decision to reschedule the proposed informal residents meeting on 16th March, with all future communication to be held through official general meetings only.

We wish to ensure that the community, which is represented by members of the company, is given a voice and to provide assurance that it will be heard. We will continue to consider all concerns raised in relation to parking however as a number of questions submitted also raised issues surrounding the enforcement of other parallel covenants, we have a legal obligation to explore solutions aligned to this and as such we are taking appropriate legal advice. If the advice received presents a solution that is potentially workable, we will submit this to members for consideration and a vote as part of a formal general meeting, providing all information in writing and with the 21 days statutory notice required by the company’s articles of association.

The postponement of the meeting and subsequent scheduling of a formal general meeting will also allow Directors to present other key information for members to consider and vote on, including:

  • 2019/20 Accounts Sign Off (& Possible Legal Action Against POD)
  • 2021/22 Service Charge Budget Approval
  • Grounds Maintenance Contractor Tender Contract Award

Nothing is set in stone at this time, but to manage expectations, we are hopeful we might be able to send out a notification towards the end of this month resulting in a likely meeting date towards the end of April.

Meanwhile, and to ensure we make efficient and fair use of Directors’ time, no further communication will be entered into regarding the previous proposal, as it is now not going ahead. Furthermore, we request that any speculation regarding any possible new proposal is reserved, until such time the full facts are finalised and presented.

Please consider that each and every Director is a resident of this development and therefore make decisions that are believed to be for the betterment of the community within which they themselves live. Directors are also unpaid volunteers having day jobs and family life that must take precedence over their CCMC roles and the use of Facebook has proven to be an unwelcome intrusion into their personal lives.

Please refrain from using Facebook to communicate with Directors (or the company), and in future direct all queries through official channels only via the website. These will be responded to in a timely manner, and at a time that suits the volunteers. Please also register for updates via the website so that you can be kept up-to-date with key information or progress about ongoing work.

Lastly, there will be an Annual General Meeting in late June or early July and this will provide an opportunity for members to put themselves forward to become directors and to take part in the work undertaken for the development.

Thank you for your understanding, and assuring you of our best intentions at all times.

CCMC Ltd Directors

Site-Wide Residents Meeting

Please note this notice is on behalf of Channels Management Company Ltd, the organisation that looks after communal open spaces across the wider development and will therefore be of interest to all residents.

A Channels-wide residents meeting will take place on Thursday 28th January at 6.00pm and due to the current lockdown will be hosted online via Zoom. Residents are asked to submit questions in advance via e-mail no later than 10am on Monday 25th January 2021 to:


To join the meeting residents can click here or join on Zoom directly and input the meeting ID of 829 0881 8921 and passcode of 378799.

Full details of the agenda and further joining instructions can be found here.

New Salt Bins

As our old salt bins were in a poor state of repair, two new bins have been installed in the same locations (see image below). There is a supply of salt in both bins and we are also waiting for some additional salt due to be delivered by Broomfield Parish Council.

At present neither Remus nor Channels Estates provide regular gritting as part of their service offer however the salt is available for all residents to use as necessary. The salt bins are not currently locked however if it is found that rubbish is being left in them (as they were in the old bins) then they will have to be locked and a system introduced to gain access.

Feel free to use the salt as required during periods of cold weather but please look after the bins and please do not block access to them.

If you observe any issues with the bins, please log them in the usual way via this website. Costs associated with repairs or replacements will be recorded as expenditure against the annual service charge.

Site-Wide Update

There have been some key updates that will impact on the way site-wide matters will be managed and Channels Management Company Ltd (the entity that owns and is responsible for maintenance of the wider Channels estate) has provided a briefing for all residents of Channels.

CMC Ltd Briefing: November 2020

The briefing covers how site management will be coordinated moving forward and outlines key updates in relation to the areas of communal land that will be made available to residents both in the short and longer term.

The briefing makes reference to the “Channels Residents Association” in relation to organising events on the Village Green. For clarity this is the Channels Residents Community Group and the best way to contact the committee is via their website at www.channels.community/contact/.

Noise Nuisance

There have been some requests about how to deal with noise on the estate albeit either construction traffic or works and social such as loud music/parties/behaviour at unsociable hours.

If you witness any form of anti-social behaviour, Essex police encourages people to report it online to them in the first instance.

You can also report anti-social behaviour and specifically noise nuisance via the Chelmsford City Council website.

More information and advice about how report a range of issues can be found on the Community Group Website.

Bins & Recycling

For reference, the Chelmsford City Council website has comprehensive information about bins & recycling. You can even find out how to dispose of a particular item, either at the kerbside or by other means, using a handy search facility.

There is also a Recycling and Waste Portal where you can:

  • Find your collection day
  • Report a missed collection
  • Order a new bin, bag or box
  • Request a collection of large item(s)

It is important that the black litter bins that are situated across the development are not used for normal household waste or recycling.


Welcome to the new Channels (Chelmsford) Management Company Ltd website, the Residents Management Company (“RMC”) set up as part of planning conditions tasked with management of the Bellway Phase 1/2 estate. This website is specifically for Bellway at Channels residents and will provide updates on everything to do with your part of the wider Channels development so that you have assurance and oversight as to how the RMC is managing the Phase 1/2 estate.

The website contains explanatory information about the Residents Management Company, service charges and the managing agent.

The Channels Residents Community Group website will now focus on wider community related information that pertains to the entire Channels development: www.Channels.community.

Andrew Wright, Director
Channels (Chelmsford) Management Company Ltd