Managing Agent

Remus is a Property Management Company focusing on Residential Management of blocks and developments that has been contracted by the Residents Management Company (“RMC”) to maintain managed areas for the Phase 1/2 (Bellway) areas of the Channels development.

Remus will also work with the site wide management company and their appointed agent to oversee the management and maintenance of communal open spaces and conservation areas across the wider Channels development.

Remus will work closely with RMC directors in discharging their obligations by delivering an efficient and reliable service that focuses on solutions and outstanding customer service. The Channels Residents Community Group will also support RMC directors and work closely with Remus on a range of community development related matters.

As noted at the residents meeting on 3rd December, CCMC Ltd will be parting company with POD who acts as managing agent on behalf of the Residents Management Company.

Unfortunately POD had not been fulfilling their duties as described in the Service Specification and following meetings with the Managing Director at the beginning of September, directors began working with POD on a remedial action plan.

During October, it became apparent that the site-wide management company (who had secured POD to undertake site-wide management in January 2020) was also extremely unhappy with the level of performance, so much so that they took management ‘in-house’ and parted company with POD with effect from 9th November 2020.

As directors were not happy with either the remedial action plan or other options proposed by POD, the decision was taken to explore contingency options. POD later informed directors that due to the loss of site-wide work, they did not believe it was viable for them to continue delivering services for our RMC alone and as we did not have full assurance that POD would be able to meet their obligations anyway, there was mutual agreement to part company on 31st December 2020.

Directors have continued to explore contingency options and as a result we have secured the services of Remus. Remus are a national company with a local presence and were interviewed in 2019, narrowly losing out to POD. Remus were already therefore ‘bid compliant’ and as such directors deemed them suitable to be appointed as a ‘step-in’ provider for the remainder of the original POD contract term i.e. to 31st July 2021.

Remus will take over from POD officially on 1st January 2021 however on-boarding and mobilisation will begin imminently. Directors have agreed a list of outstanding actions that POD must progress prior to handover and these actions are being closely monitored.

A welcome letter will be received by every resident by post however this can be downloaded here.

RMC Land
POD Management will primarily be responsible for management of land that is within the ownership of the RMC as identified in the shaded areas below:

Managing Agent Service Specification
Unlike the position with the previous managing agent, POD Management will be working to a robust Service Specification which includes the following:

  • General site management & administration;
  • Grounds & landscape management;
  • Service charge budgets & collection of service charges;
  • Enforcement of restrictive covenants;
  • Community engagement;
  • RMC Administration.

The Service Specification is the version used for the Managing Agent procurement process/contract award in 2019 and is due for review prior to the next Service Charge Year which begins on 1st July 2021. A number of robust performance metrics will be discussed with Remus to facilitate improved on-going performance management.

Ground & Landscape Specification
In addition, RMC Directors employed an independent 3rd party landscape consultant in April 2019 (as part of the new Managing Agent procurement process) to confirm all remedial landscaping works required and to develop a detailed specification for delivery of on-going landscape management and maintenance in line with planning consent.

This is a very comprehensive document which forms part of the over-arching Managing Agent Service Specification and for which Remus bid against as part of the procurement process and for which Remus is now being held to account for delivery.

The Service Specification is the version used for the procurement process/contract award and as such includes a number of schedules that are no longer relevant. The key service delivery requirements for on-going maintenance are detailed in Pages 1-19 & Pages 28-30.

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