Use of Litter Bins

It is important that the black litter bins that are situated across the development are not used for normal household waste or recycling. Recently black bin bags, food waste bags and cardboard has been found in some bins.

The Residents Management Company has responsibility for maintaining and emptying the litter bins, the cost of which everyone pays for via the annual service charge.

If costs increase as a result of bins being damaged or because more collections are required to prevent the bins from over-flowing, everyone will ultimately bear that cost.

It is also important to note that any waste that is generated within the boundaries of a residential property whether it be food, general household waste, garden waste, dog poo etc. must be disposed of in the bins provided by the local authority to be taken away on bin day. If household waste is disposed of in any other way such as dumping it outside the property, putting it in a litter bin or dog poo bin it is classed as fly tipping which is a criminal offence and can be dealt with accordingly.

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