April Updates

Highways Update

Bellway have confirmed that the speed cushions installed a couple of months ago were done so in line with Highways requirements i.e. style & location.  Whilst white arrows used to be painted onto these kind of speed cushions, these are apparently no longer used. Ultimately, Bellway have followed the instruction of Highways who will be adopting the roads later this year.

Final handover of the roads to Highways is now expected during the summer subject to some further work in relation to Land Registration and Drainage Vesting being completed. Bellway have confirmed that they will undertake a further ‘de-weeding’ of roads and paths before final adoption.


A reminder that all residents are bound by the Parking Regulation that was agreed via EGM in May 2021. This specifically requires no parking on raised pavements, no blocking of accessways, no parking on any soft verge and no commercial vehicles other than on private driveways. The details of the regulation can be found HERE.

Litter Bins

It is important that the black litter bins that are situated across the development are not used for normal household waste or recycling. We are again finding large amounts of household  waste in bins and indeed we have video evidence of someone transporting a large bag full of such waste and filling up the bin next to the bus stop on Brassie Wood (as well as leaving items next to it). This is technically fly-tipping.

If costs increase as a result of bins being damaged or because more collections are required to prevent the bins from over-flowing, everyone will ultimately bear that cost.

Dog Fouling

There appears to be an increase of dog fouling across the development. Yesterday a male in a grey hoody was observed taking his dog onto the Nursery area ground specifically to let his dog foul and there have been many other instances of people walking along our grass verges and allowing their dogs to do the same.

Dog owners have a legal duty to clean up every time their dog messes in a public place. The law states that being unaware a dog has fouled or not having a suitable bag is not a reasonable excuse. There are plenty of dog-waste bins across the development so there is no excuse to leave it.

We have to accept that we have a lot of ‘through traffic’ across our area however if you witness dog fouling, please report it to Chelmsford City Council either by ringing 01245 606606 and asking for ‘Dog Wardens’ or by reporting it online.

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