New Salt Bins

As our old salt bins were in a poor state of repair, two new bins have been installed in the same locations (see image below). There is a supply of salt in both bins and we are also waiting for some additional salt due to be delivered by Broomfield Parish Council.

At present neither Remus nor Channels Estates provide regular gritting as part of their service offer however the salt is available for all residents to use as necessary. The salt bins are not currently locked however if it is found that rubbish is being left in them (as they were in the old bins) then they will have to be locked and a system introduced to gain access.

Feel free to use the salt as required during periods of cold weather but please look after the bins and please do not block access to them.

If you observe any issues with the bins, please log them in the usual way via this website. Costs associated with repairs or replacements will be recorded as expenditure against the annual service charge.

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