Logging Queries & Issues

To assist with the handover from POD Management to Remus, and to ensure that directors are fully sighted on everything, residents are strongly encouraged to use the CCMC website as the primary method for logging queries, concerns or issues from 1st January 2021.

By logging issues via the CCMC website, information will be sent automatically to the appropriate stakeholder for action and copied to directors for information. This will provide directors with an audit trail to ensure that issues are being followed up and dealt with appropriately.

There are four categories under which queries, concerns or issues can be logged and there is a simple form to complete which will be submitted to the appropriate stakeholder for action:

In most cases it will the responsibility of the managing agent to deal with and close down issues however directors may additionally contact residents directly to confirm that issues have been resolved and that no further action is necessary.

Links to each of the forms can be found on the Estate Issues page:

Residents can of course contact the managing agent directly however directors will not have an automatic record of issues logged in this way so unless there is an urgent concern, the recommended course of action is submission via this website.

Andrew Wright
For and on behalf of CCMC Ltd Directors

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