Managing Agent Update

As noted at the residents meeting on 3rd December, CCMC Ltd will be parting company with POD who acts as managing agent on behalf of the Residents Management Company.

Unfortunately POD had not been fulfilling their duties as described in the Service Specification and following meetings with the Managing Director at the beginning of September, directors began working with POD on a remedial action plan.

During October, it became apparent that the site-wide management company (who had secured POD to undertake site-wide management in January 2020) was also extremely unhappy with the level of performance, so much so that they took management ‘in-house’ and parted company with POD with effect from 9th November 2020.

As directors were not happy with either the remedial action plan or other options proposed by POD, the decision was taken to explore contingency options. POD later informed directors that due to the loss of site-wide work, they did not believe it was viable for them to continue delivering services for our RMC alone and as we did not have full assurance that POD would be able to meet their obligations anyway, there was mutual agreement to part company on 31st December 2020.

Directors have continued to explore contingency options and as a result we have secured the services of Remus. Remus are a national company with a local presence and were interviewed in 2019, narrowly losing out to POD. Remus were already therefore ‘bid compliant’ and as such directors deemed them suitable to be appointed as a ‘step-in’ provider for the remainder of the original POD contract term i.e. to 31st July 2021.

Remus will take over from POD officially on 1st January 2021 however on-boarding and mobilisation will begin imminently. Directors have agreed a list of outstanding actions that POD must progress prior to handover and these actions are being closely monitored. Once Remus has the full list of residents from POD, a welcome pack will be distributed.

If you need to raise any issues, either about the site generally or your account, please continue to do so in the normal way until advised otherwise. It is recommended that you use the Estate Issues Form on this website as directors are copied in and are logging requests to ensure nothing is missed.

If you have any specific questions about the change of managing agent, do not hesitate to get in touch via the Contact Form on this website.

Whilst it is unfortunate that the arrangement with POD was not successful, directors believe action was taken at the earliest opportunity and in the best interests of residents to ensure continuity of service delivery and best value. There will be no overall increase in service charge as a result of the move to Remus and we will keep residents updated in relation to the handover.

Andrew Wright
For and on behalf of CCMC Ltd Directors

Managing Agent Review Meeting

CCMC Ltd directors (Andrew Wright, Tom Butler, Chloe Tron) met with POD Management representatives (David Goldberg, Andrew Froy & Charlotte Perrott) on 26th August to conduct a formal review of performance for the first Contract Year. POD Management commenced services as managing agent for CCMC Ltd on 1st August 2019.

Both POD representatives & CCMC Ltd Directors gave an honest assessment of how successful or otherwise they thought the first year had been and whilst POD noted that generally things had gone well, this was not a view entirely shared by CCMC Ltd directors.

CCMC Ltd advised that whilst directors were willing and expected to be actively involved in management of the development, there was too much groundwork being undertaken which they felt POD should be progressing.

As POD generally visit the site on a monthly basis, CCMC Ltd did not believe that POD had a full grasp of all issues that required attention and as such it is often left to directors to pick up and flag them. In addition, directors do not always have assurance that once an issue is flagged that it is always dealt with appropriately or in a timely manner and this often leads to significant director input by way of chasing and checking up that issues are being progressed.

David Goldberg (POD Managing Director) felt that the issues raised required further internal discussion and suggested that a follow up meeting should take place within two weeks at which POD could provide full responses. As such it was agreed that the agenda item “Working Together in Year 2” would be discussed at the follow up meeting. POD also undertook to offer clarity at that meeting in relation to site-wide governance including formalising links between the phase specific residents management companies and the over-arching site-wide management company.

Whilst it was recognised that the development is in a much better position than it was a year ago, CCMC Ltd directors want to see a far more pro-active, organised and responsive service including a significant improvement in communication and engagement with residents.

Informal telephone catch up sessions are held with POD on a regular basis however it is likely that formal review meetings, which include POD senior executives, will take place more often moving forward.

Post Meeting Update:
In relation to the site-wide credits that will be returned to residents, POD will have a statement for release imminently which will outline the process and confirm timescales.

Andrew Wright, Director
Channels (Chelmsford) Management Company Ltd

Channels Estates & COVID19

As you may be aware POD Management completed a procurement exercise at the end of 2019 and secured Channels Estates to deliver a Grounds Maintenance service on behalf of the Management Company and its resident members.

In response to recent concerns regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, Channels Estates have provided assurance that they are taking every necessary precaution to keep the risk of exposure to the virus to a minimum. As things stand Channels Estates are operating from a “business as usual” position and are following Government guidelines very closely in order to ensure the safest environment for clients and their staff.

Channels Estates have stated their firm commitment to fulfil all contractual obligations which the Management Company deems to be full delivery in line with the contractual service specification unless notified otherwise.

If the position changes, a further update will be provided.

Grounds Maintenance Update

POD Management have confirmed that Channels Estates will continue undertaking grounds maintenance across the development unless or until any further lock-down measures are announced.

This is on the basis that many tasks (such as grass cutting) can be undertaken individually however tasks which involve two or more operatives working together have stopped indefinitely.

If you have any issues or concerns with grounds maintenance generally, don’t forget you can log them here.

POD COVID-19 Update

Dear Residents,

Please see a letter from the CEO of POD Management in relation to the Covid-19 virus outbreak, steps you can take to assist, how to disseminate the messages to other residents and tenants, measures POD have taken to ease the burden on its customers and how POD are responding to changes in working practices.

To help POD effectively communicate with residents, it is important to complete the POD contact information form as soon as possible if you have not already done so in order that POD can keep you updated if the situation in relation to management of the development changes. Please visit the following link to register or update your details:

Please note:
Housing Association Tenants will not receive this correspondence directly from POD as it will be routed through their relevant Housing Association and additionally tenants will not be able to complete the online contact information.

Tenants can contact POD in the usual way via email at: or via the contact form on this website.

Andrew Wright, Director
Channels (Chelmsford) Management Company Ltd