Weed Spraying

For information, Olly & his team are planning to undertake an extensive spray of weeds across all soft landscaping areas this week.

The operatives, who are all fully licensed to undertake the work, may be wearing protective suits at times and this is normal procedure. Weather permitting the spraying will take place on Wednesday 24th March however if this changes, we will advise accordingly.

Grounds Maintenance Contract

The Grounds Maintenance contract with Channels Estates was due to expire at the end of February however given the recent change of managing agent, directors have agreed that the contract should be extended by four months to 30th June 2021.

Extending the term ties in with the Service Charge Year End, it will be clear by then if the initial contract with Remus has been successful and it gives time for directors to fully consider how to move forward including putting the service out to full tender to demonstrate best value. The contract extension was discussed with Remus who have advised it would be a sensible course of action.

Directors recognise the risk of not knowing the cost of a potential future contract prior to the 2021/22 budget being set however the risk is considered small as there is no expectation that the cost should exceed the current budgeted sum.

Channels Estates has accepted the contract extension on the same price terms however we will work with Remus to review the agreement in place to ensure any issues can be managed effectively over the coming months.

Andrew Wright
For and on behalf of CCMC Ltd Directors

Soft Landscaped Areas

As you will be aware, the soft landscaped areas across the development have become water-logged over the last week and we would ask that you take extra care when making use of the communal open spaces.

We would be grateful if you could refrain from riding bikes on any grass areas (especially in the swales) and please do not park on any soft landscaped area, including grass edges next to any of the roads. The cost of remedial work required will ultimately be the responsibility of residents via the service charge so if we can take a bit of extra care now, we should be able to keep our landscaped areas in good condition ready for your enjoyment during the coming year.

Many thanks 🙂

Communal Area Benches & Bins

Following lengthy negotiation with Bellway, we have now secured funding for six benches, 3 litter bins and an additional dog waste bin for the central communal area between Eagle Rise & Aqua Verde. These were all on original plans however Bellway had, for reasons unknown, missed installing them before leaving site.

The seats have armrests and are made from environmentally friendly recycled materials, require minimum maintenance (they are weather resistant and will never need painting) and have a vandal-resistant robust design. The litter bins are a slim and compact outdoor version that will include a cigarette stubber plate and the dog waste bin will replicate the others found across the development.

In order to expedite the process, Bellway will transfer funds to the RMC (via POD Management) meaning we can progress with the ordering and installation so that we will not have to wait for Bellway to schedule in the work with their contractor. The funds cover the cost of the benches & bins plus installation by Channels Estates (Ground Maintenance Contractor).

Demand for outdoor ‘street furniture’ of this kind is high however everything should be fully installed and ready for use by the end of September at latest. 🙂

Andrew Wright, Director
Channels (Chelmsford) Management Company Ltd

Channels Estates & COVID19

As you may be aware POD Management completed a procurement exercise at the end of 2019 and secured Channels Estates to deliver a Grounds Maintenance service on behalf of the Management Company and its resident members.

In response to recent concerns regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, Channels Estates have provided assurance that they are taking every necessary precaution to keep the risk of exposure to the virus to a minimum. As things stand Channels Estates are operating from a “business as usual” position and are following Government guidelines very closely in order to ensure the safest environment for clients and their staff.

Channels Estates have stated their firm commitment to fulfil all contractual obligations which the Management Company deems to be full delivery in line with the contractual service specification unless notified otherwise.

If the position changes, a further update will be provided.

New Dog Waste Bins

For your immediate use, two new dog waste bins have been installed along the Southern boundary of Eagle Rise:

As shown by the image below, there are now six dog waste bins across the Eagle Rise & Aqua Verde geographical area so there is no reason for dog waste to be left anywhere else!

Please do not leave dog waste in normal litter bins.

Channels Estates (our grounds maintenance contractors) do not have a licence to remove it and as such arranging for waste removal from those bins will incur additional costs which will ultimately need to be covered by the annual service charge paid for by residents.

There is some general information about dog fouling, including how and where to report it, on the Community Group website.

Grounds Maintenance Update

POD Management have confirmed that Channels Estates will continue undertaking grounds maintenance across the development unless or until any further lock-down measures are announced.

This is on the basis that many tasks (such as grass cutting) can be undertaken individually however tasks which involve two or more operatives working together have stopped indefinitely.

If you have any issues or concerns with grounds maintenance generally, don’t forget you can log them here.