Grounds Maintenance Contract

The Grounds Maintenance contract with Channels Estates was due to expire at the end of February however given the recent change of managing agent, directors have agreed that the contract should be extended by four months to 30th June 2021.

Extending the term ties in with the Service Charge Year End, it will be clear by then if the initial contract with Remus has been successful and it gives time for directors to fully consider how to move forward including putting the service out to full tender to demonstrate best value. The contract extension was discussed with Remus who have advised it would be a sensible course of action.

Directors recognise the risk of not knowing the cost of a potential future contract prior to the 2021/22 budget being set however the risk is considered small as there is no expectation that the cost should exceed the current budgeted sum.

Channels Estates has accepted the contract extension on the same price terms however we will work with Remus to review the agreement in place to ensure any issues can be managed effectively over the coming months.

Andrew Wright
For and on behalf of CCMC Ltd Directors

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