AGM Postponement

The last Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 9th January 2020 and ordinarily it would now be time to call the next meeting. However as three directors have only been in post since September, as we have just changed over managing agent and as we have some other key matters that all directors are involved in, the decision has been taken that we will not hold a General Meeting this January.

There is no legal need for a limited company to hold an Annual General Meeting, unless the Articles of Association require the company to do so and the constitution of CCMC Ltd does not specify that one must be held.

The accounts for the 2019/20 Service Charge Year (to 30th June 2020) are being prepared by POD however there have been a number of queries that we are waiting for answers on. Once the draft accounts have been approved by directors they will be sent for final checking by external accountants and will be included in a Chairs report to be published in due course.

Directors will arrange a residents meeting following publication of the Chairs report and we will also push for Channels Management Company (now a Community Interest Company) to hold the development wide residents meeting that was promised so that some of the broader estate-wide issues that have come to light recently can be discussed.

A formal General Meeting will be held as we approach the 2020/21 Service Charge year end.

Andrew Wright
For and on behalf of CCMC Ltd Directors

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