Estate Roads Update

As residents will be aware from previous updates, both CCMC Ltd Directors and the Community Group have been in regular contact with Chelmsford City Council (via planning officers and councillors) about the estate roads remedial work, maintenance issues and safety concerns, some of which are parking related as evidenced by the recent incident where emergency vehicles could not navigate to their destination.

The update below, as at 17th September, has been received from the City Council following ongoing discussion between planning officers, Bellway & Essex Highways:

The remedial works (weed removal, repair of broken paving etc) to be undertaken to the Phase 1 and 2 roads are being left for now so that they can be undertaken alongside the implementation of the traffic calming scheme for both phases.

Bellway had a further meeting with Essex Highways last week and they are due to issue the engineers report and the traffic calming scheme next week. I have previously advised that all of the matters you and other residents raised regarding traffic speeds, parking issues, additional yellow lines, were discussed at the meeting between Bellway and Essex Highways so they were fully aware of the issues when drawing up the scheme. I have also indicated that you will have the opportunity to comment on the scheme, but understandably Bellway do not want to be sharing a scheme with you and other residents, before they know that the highway authority can lend its support.

The works to the RDR are agreed and as such Bellway will recommence on site at the end of next week; these works will, I understand, complete the crossing, bus gate and the connection with the Beaulieu section of the RDR.

Bellway will be looking to keep you informed of their progress going forward.

Whilst the above does not provide any specifics, it does at least demonstrate that concerns have been considered and the perceived delay in progressing some matters is due to plans being re-worked.

As soon as we have a further update it will be communicated and especially prior to any local enforcement measures being implemented in relation to parking.

On behalf of the Directors
Channels (Chelmsford) Management Company Ltd

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