EGM: Statement from Directors

It has been noted that a resident has published false and inflammatory information on Facebook questioning, amongst other things, the legality of the scheduled EGM. This has been discussed with Remus and the matter is now being addressed by our legal team.

Please be assured that the proposed meeting is lawful and is being held to ensure that resident members can be party to key decisions that will impact everyone living on Phase 1/2 of Channels.

For the avoidance of doubt, directors would have been able to make decisions on each of the proposed agenda items without the need for any form of member voting. However in recognition of feedback received earlier in the year, it was felt that the items were of sufficient importance to involve members, including those that require decision in advance of the new Service Charge Year, hence the need for holding an EGM.

Remus will of course have ‘involvement’ in counting votes, under their duties as managing agent and, more importantly, company secretary. As company secretary Remus do not have any voting rights and they will be happy to provide an audit trail to any members who wish to see evidence that voting has been properly managed.

We urge you to attend the meeting and if you do have questions about the recommended courses of action, please submit them via the methods previously outlined. If themes emerge, we will endeavour to provide answers prior to the meeting. Neither directors or Remus will respond to discussion threads via social media.

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