Estate Parking Update

Following significant feedback from residents we have now formally engaged a Parking Management Company to help improve the parking across the development.

This has been necessary due to increased health and safety issues in the manner that vehicles are being parked on pavements, landscaped areas, turning heads blocking signage and on corners forcing vehicles into the centre of the road into on coming traffic.

The scheme will also prevent the inevitable parking issues with the opening of Channels Park. Further discussions are still being held with Highways regarding traffic calming options.

A detailed letter will shortly be forthcoming from Remus which will provide further information on the scheme. A short period of grace will follow allowing residents, where applicable, to amend current parking practices and for signage to be installed. The scheme will be Permit and Visitor App based.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and hope you see this as another positive step to improve the safety of residents and visitors.

CCMC Ltd Directors

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