RMC Director Appointments

As previously flagged, existing RMC directors will resign at the AGM on Thursday 9th January and new directors will be appointed.

If you wish to stand it is important to understand that as a director of a limited company, you must:

Directors are able to hire other people to manage some of these things day-to-day (for example, POD Management or an accountant) however it is the directors that remain legally responsible for the company’s records, accounts and performance.

To ensure there is sensible and practical governance in relation to the running of the RMC, the following will be proposed at the AGM:

  • To limit the number of directors to either 3 or 5 and to rotate annually;
  • To use dedicated sub committees;
  • To assign each director specific roles;

Each Director is expected to be up to date with their service charge payments and regular attendance at board meetings is mandatory.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday evening at the Annual General Meeting.

Andrew Wright, Director
Channels (Chelmsford) Management Company Ltd

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