EGM Resolution Vote

Extraordinary General Meeting: Tuesday 25th May 2021 @ 6.00pm
Members are asked to vote in advance of the EGM on the following resolutions:

  1. Revised parking regulations;
  2. Approval of the 2021/22 Service Charge Budget;
  3. Appointment of a grounds maintenance contractor;
  4. Continuation of Remus as managing agent.

It is important to note that directors have agreed each resolution in principle and as such they are presented as board recommendations. Members are asked to flag, via this voting process, if they consent or otherwise to the enactment of the recommendations in the resolution papers.

Please read all meeting papers prior to using this voting form.

Proxy Votes
As voting will be online and undertaken in advance, it is unlikely that proxy votes will be required. However if you wish to appoint a proxy please contact Remus no later than midday on Thursday 20th May. Proxy votes will only be accepted at the meeting.

In-Meeting Voting
As voting will be online and undertaken in advance, votes will not need to be cast at the meeting. However where members have submitted a vote in advance and wish to change their mind at the meeting, having heard presentations from directors, they will be permitted to do so.

Passing of Resolutions
Unless more than 75% of those listed on the register of members vote against a resolution, it will deemed to be passed and directors will enact the recommendations as detailed in the resolution papers.

Information received will be held and used only for the purposes of determining the outcome of voting for EGM resoltuions.

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