Highways Update

As discussed at the residents meeting, the issue of road maintenance has been flagged with City Councillors in an attempt to progress the concerns that everyone has, especially in relation to the weeds. The issue was escalated again this morning and the following response has been received from the City Council Planning Department:

Essex Highways have extensively walked both Phases 1 and 2 of the Channels development and provided Bellway with a detailed list of defects in November 2019. Bellway must rectify those defects before those phases of development are put on a years maintenance and monitoring; if after that year has passed, Essex Highways are satisfied with the condition of the roads they will then move to adopt them.

Following a recent conversation with the Bellway Technical team, their contractor is due back on site in August and September to recommence rectifying the list of identified defects. Essex Highways have impressed upon Bellway the need to rectify the list in its entirety. I understand that there is due to be a change in personnel at Bellway shortly and a different team member will oversee this work; the gentleman who will be taking on this role has already been spoken to and they are fully aware of what needs to be done.

Unfortunately the above statement does not really tell us anything new and it still does not address why Bellway is not being pushed harder by the council to deal with the weeds, notwithstanding the hard surfacing remedial work that needs to be undertaken.

A response will be drafted and discussed with the City Councillors who assisted us previously in ensuring that Bellway fulfilled their obligations.

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