Virtual Meetings

Directors ask that if you wish to attend any form of CCMC Ltd online meeting, and prior to submitting advance questions (where applicable), you look at the key information made available on this website.

Rules for CCMC Ltd Virtual Meetings

The Chair shall lead the meeting, which shall be recorded, and issue requests and requirements to fellow directors to assist with the administrative control of the meeting.

A nominated director will be noted on screen as the host which will enable that individual to assist with the administrative control of the meeting with deference to the requirements of the Chair. This will enable the sharing of relevant documentation on screen, admit persons to the meeting, exclude persons from the meeting, observe and feed back to the Chair where a participant uses the chat function or the ‘raise my hand’ function.

Entry to each meeting shall be via a virtual waiting room where possible. Where it is not possible to use a virtual waiting room any person with a disclosable conflict of interest shall leave the meeting and await a communication from the host before re-joining.

In the event that a person present at the meeting refuses to comply with any requirement by the Chair to moderate or improve their conduct, the Chair may require that person be removed from the meeting entirely and the host shall action such a request accordingly.

With the exception of the Chair and the host, all those in attendance at the meeting shall be muted to avoid extraneous noise and to allow the smooth running of the meeting. A person shall only be unmuted and permitted to speak at the discretion of the Chair.

If a person wishes to speak during a meeting, they shall use the ‘raise my hand’ function or the chat function to communicate this wish to the host who shall advise the Chair. The Chair will make the final decision on who shall be unmuted and for how long.

In relation to voting upon agenda items (where applicable) the Chair shall ask each director or member to vote by using the ‘raise my hand’ function or the chat function and the host shall verbally confirm the result of each vote.

Please note meetings may be recorded, there is an expectation of good behaviour and directors reserve the right to exclude any person who acts in an abusive manner or disrupts the meeting.

Support & tutorials for Zoom can be found at

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