Grounds Maintenance Q&A

Please find below answers to submitted questions for EGM Agenda Item 6:

2021.05.20 Question Submitted:
Does Ground Maintenance cover killing weed? The estate is covered with weed.

CCMC Response:

We assume you are referring to weeds growing at road edges and in block paving as generally soft landscaped areas are weed free. CCMC is not responsible for repairs, maintenance or upkeep of highways or surrounding areas that pertain to agreements made under Section 38 of the Highways Act 1980. The management and maintenance of individual units and their curtilages are the responsibility of each freeholder, housing association or tenant as applicable. Until highways are adopted, Bellway retains responsibility for maintenance, including weed control and we have chased them many times. Remedial work is now underway which should resolve the weeds growing at road edges and in block paving.

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